Using Google Places for Geotargeting Your SEO Campaign

You are probably already aware of the importance of SEO friendliness when it comes to your web presence. You may not be aware that it is even more essential when your business targets prospects in a predetermined region. If this is the case, geotargeting should become a critical component of your SEO marketing campaigns because it’s the most successful strategy to direct targeted site visitors from within your designated geo-location to your website.SEO geotargeting is when search engine optimized content is delivered to website visitors centered on their location, including country, region, city, state, community, zip code and more. Deploying geotargeting technology is a successful way to obtain organic search engine optimization.More people search for business services online now making hard copy phone books practically obsolete. That’s where SEO geotargeting comes in. Now, more than ever before it is crucial that businesses and services listings can be effortlessly discovered when the public searches or maps.Adding Google Places as one of the tools in your search engine optimization tool box can take your online success to a new level. There is no charge for using Google Places and it can help put you in front of millions of Google’s visitors by allowing you to create a professional listing for your business.Creating your listing with Google Places takes little time and effort to help create and keep an online presence even without a professional website. More than likely, your organization is already showing up somewhere on Google, however you will need to validate your listing there and be sure that the content is thorough, details your services and that all the information you added is correct. As soon as you verify the listing with Google Places you should see improvement.Sign up and easily push your SEO marketing success to the next level. It only makes sense that potential customers that can see where you are located will connect credibility to your business. If they can’t find you there prospects really don’t know how established you are or if you are simply some fly by night business. Confidence is key in situations like this. Taking the guesswork out of the equation can bring new customers to you.Once you’ve added your business listing in Google Places you prospects have easy access to you on Google Maps. It is a powerful, extremely user friendly mapping service which will give your potential clients your location with easy to follow directions and your contact information.Adding a physical location through Google places could very well improve your SEO results. It has been suggested that if you include an actual physical address to your listing you could be boosting Google’s confidence in your website. This hasn’t been confirmed to be an undeniable fact, however there have been some signs reported that suggests that having a verifiable address on your website or listing does have the possibility of making your business look legitimate, which simply makes sense.If you’re serious about achieving SEO success for the promotion of your business or services, you should be utilizing the tools that Google has to offer.

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