Are Wooden Mobile Homes The Latest Trend?

We have come a long way from the stereotypical mobile homes that we are used to seeing on TV. They are no longer considered something cheaper than a house but more permanent than an apartment. We don’t look at them like last resort swellings. These homes offer us the best in portability and style, and the more modern examples are proof of that.Many trends have come and gone over the years in the mobile home business. But one has really been turning heads, and has completely changed the way they look and feel. Those are such homes made of wood and they are incredible.Why Wood Is In StyleYou may be wondering what it is about wood that is so impressive and in style. A lot of it has to do with the general look. Wooden structures have a classical element that is hard to achieve with metal frames. Rather than have a traditional trailer, you can have a miniature cabin that is a joy to look at.There are also environmental factors at word. Many wooden mobile homes are made from repurposed or recycled lumber, using eco-friendly strains and sealants. This adds another dimension for those who want to lessen their carbon footprint, while being a little closer to nature. It isn’t as easy to feel that connection to the Earth when you are living in a metal box.On the downside, a wooden home is often going to be more expensive due to the materials and the cost of maintenance. But those who have them agree that it is worth the investment.Maintaining a Wooden Mobile HomeWhile it requires more upkeep than its metal cousin, such home does not cost nearly as much, or take as much effort, as you may fear. On the contrary, they only have to be maintained every three to five years, and the rest of the time tend to keep under all weather conditions.When the three to five year does arrive you will have to restain and reseal the wood. This prevents it from shrinking due to moisture and heat, cracking due to cold, or blanching in the sun. It will also prevent breaks in the seal that can lead to drafts, rot, or even infestations of insects and rodents.Because the square footage tends to be smaller on a wooden mobile home the price rarely goes over $1,500. That may seem like a lot, but spread over the years that is $300 – $500 per year, and worth every penny to keep your home looking beautiful.What To Look For In a Wooden Mobile HomeNow that you know some of the reasons for getting a such wooden home, here are some things to consider when looking for the one that is perfect for you and your family:Space – How much space are you going to need? This is among the most important questions to ask, because these homes are very customizable. More and more the tiny house option is becoming popular, but you can build something as large as you want. You can also find decent prefab homes of all sizes.Cost – Cost is going to be a big factor in making a decision for most. Generally speaking you will be looking at the tens of thousands, depending on size and features. That is much less than you would pay for a metal mobile home, and hundreds of thousands less than if you chose a regular house.Ease of Portability – Some of these wooden homes come on wheels, but others don’t have foundations so they can be placed on a trailer hitch and pulled. Larger options may need a portable platform to move it.Land – Will you be buying the land that your home rests on? Or will you be traveling a lot, and so just hitching it to take where you need it (a common occurrence with tiny homes that are mobile)? You can often find cheap land that is worth purchasing to go back to, or to keep your house on permanently. This also increases the value of your property.Outlying Features – Do you want a deck? Additional floors or extensions? A hot tub? Lofts? Your options are endless, so don’t hesitate to plan your dream home.Examples Of Gorgeous Wooden Mobile HomesThe Log Cabin – Ever dreamed of owning a log cabin but just didn’t have the money for one? Now you can, with all the rustic charm you have craved. As you can see this version is larger, similar to a ranch house, and gorgeous on the inside.The Chalet – The actual structure itself is very expensive, but it gives you an idea of what designs are possible with this model. You can create a similar wooden home for a fraction of the cost, and place it anywhere.The Traveler – This adorable tiny home is reminiscent of the old school traveling vans the accompanied carnivals and caravan convoys early turn of the century America. Bright, cheerful and well made, it shows how imagination is as important in crafting your new home as anything else.The Tiny Cabin – Another log cabin option, this is the tiny house version. It shows how much can be done in a compact space, using recycled timber and simple items that the couple who own this cabin were able to use themselves in the build.The Eco-lodge – Budget less of an issue? This is proof of what amazing things can be done with wooden mobile homes. You would never even know these are considered “temporary” housing to so many.The Family Home – This was a house custom built by a building company for a family that wanted something really special. Just looking at the gorgeous wood on the outside and inside, as well as the fascinating overall design with its windows and decks, is breathtaking. You would be hard pressed to find anything that could match it.As you can see, wooden mobile homes are a trend for a good reason.

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